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Spending time together

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    In this video you will learn practical tips and hear personal stories of ways to enjoy quality time with a family member living with dementia.

Useful Resources

Family and Friends Matter

This booklet explores how to stay connected in meaningful ways with a person living with dementia, including how to maintain the special bond and how to continue to enjoy shared interests together. Click here to access the page for more information or download the booklet as a PDF file which you can read and print.

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Relate, Motivate, Appreciate

This resource promotes positive interactions with people living with dementia by exploring the elements of meaningful interactions and describing the principles of engagement under this approach. Click here to watch video demonstrations of Montessori activities or download the booklet as a PDF file which you can read and print.

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We Can, We Can, We Can

This book aims to inspire a ‘can do’ outlook by encouraging people living with dementia to engage in activities that assist them to continue to lead lives full of purpose and enjoyment. This book includes a variety of activities and ideas to help families and carers bring a creative approach to their everyday caring role. Click below to find out more, purchase this book from our online Store or contact your local Dementia Australia Office.

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The Sensory Store

TheSensoryStore.com.au provides quality assistive and therapeutic dementia related resources which are both meaningful and affordable. Click below to visit the store and browse the extensive range of dementia-friendly resources.

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The Dementia Resource Library

The Dementia Resource Library is located in Eastern Victoria and offers a collection of items to borrow that can provide pleasure, stimulation and relaxation for people living with dementia form varying cultures. Click below to view the expensive library collection.

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Help Sheets

For more information on these topics, access our Help Sheets which provide advice, common sense approaches and practical strategies on the issues most commonly raised about dementia.

Click here to access the Help Sheets as PDF files which you can read, download, and print.

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Helpline information

Contact National Dementia Helpline
1800 100 500

For language assistance call 131 450 Interpreter help

The Helpline is for people with dementia, their carers, families and friends, as well as people concerned about memory loss.
It is available between 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday excluding national public holidays.

If life is in danger call 000
For crisis support and suicide prevention call
Lifeline 13 11 14