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Depression! When will it end for my mom?

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    We have my mother living with us these days, as it has to become apparent in the past few weeks that she isn’t coping in her own house. Even with dementia, she is usually a joyful, relaxed individual with a common sense of humor. Still, since stepping in last week, she’s been in an abyss of depression, only infrequently coming out of it, then falling back along, terrified, puzzled, sobbing. After nearly begging her GP, we got an anti-depressant script, but this only staves off the delusions triggered by her bouts of misery. However, I was suggested to try some Ayurvedic remedies along with the conventional treatment. I went through a couple of books and websites such as and learned that it can be managed by simply changing her diet to all-natural and non-processed meals made with therapeutic herbs and spices. Is anyone out there has any experience with Ayurveda’s effectiveness?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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