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Dementia is not the end!

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    Dementia Alliance International’s Vice Chair, Helga Rohra, recently shared an excerpt from her book on advocacy called Stepping out of the shadows:
    “If you yourself are living with dementia or are aware of symptoms suggestive of dementia, allow me to tell you: dementia is not the end! Even with dementia, you can lead a full and enriched life if you can come to terms with your difficulties. I don’t want to sugar-coat anything. Dementia is not child’s play. It makes new demands on you every day. But believe me, you can live with it.”
    Click here to read the full excerpt on the Dementia Alliance International blog


    Follow the link below to hear Geoff share his story of making the most of life with dementia:

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    Check out the first blog post from Dementia Australia NSW’s new blog Living with Dementia – notes from the front line.

    Trevor writes about life after receiving a dementia diagnosis and how to stay active and engaged.

    Read the blog post here:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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